BearsFeed is comprised of a group of talented, passionate students dedicated to helping all members of the Berkshire community to connect with each other and inform them of the latest news around campus.


Our Team


Daniel Tian ‘19, Founder & Co-President

Daniel Tian is a four year senior from Boston MA. He is the Founder and Co-President of BearsFeed and leads the development team. In addition to coding, Daniel enjoys photography and hiking up to Black Rock.


Henry Kessler ‘19, Co-President

Henry Kessler is a four year senior from Westport CT. He is the Co-President of BearsFeed and leads the graphic design team. In addition to graphic design, Henry enjoys working on engineering projects and playing squash.




Here is a list of our members (ordered alphabetically):

Aichen Yao '19

Alanna Smith '19

Amelia Schelle '20

Avalon Lebenthal '19

Chinedum Amaihe '21

Charolette Turner ‘22

Elias Sienkiewicz '19

Haines Corrigan '19

George Kessler ‘21

Gohta Aihara '19

Leo Yang '22

Louise Rosenblad '19

Lukas Miranda '21

MacKenzie Hatch '19

Markus Lebenthal '21

Natasha Fertig '22

Sherry Yang '19

Tyler Swirbul ‘19

William Warlick '20